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Quote wallpapers - A passionate mission statement

What is Quotewallpapers?
Quotes are not simply words (of course they are). They reflect the experience and thought of people who have lived their lives in this world. They left their words as their legacy. Some good, some bad. Whatever they may be they are still experiences. Experiences from Love, Pain, Acts of courage, Fear, Hurt, Distress, Happiness, Peace. Name it and you'll find it. That, is Quotewallpapers.

Quotewallpapers also contains quotes from movies, dialogues which you could never forget.

The mission of quote wallpapers is to graphically represent and picturise these beautiful quotes and the deep emotions they contain. 

To speak the voice of the quote.
The emotion behind the quote.
And nothing more.

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Thanks and regards,
The Quotewallpapers Team.

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